Sunday, March 22, 2009

Public Sleeping 101

I think we're completely in denial. For some reason, we keep telling ourselves that if it's Kaylani's nap time then she'll fall asleep anywhere which means it's okay for us to go out with her. She'll be so tired that once we put her in the car, she'll fall right asleep even if it's only a 5 minute drive. I mean, it makes total sense in our heads and we keep planning with those thoughts in our head, so it must be true...right?

Wrong. Totally wrong each and every time. But I think I know why we're wrong, and it has nothing to do with us (of course it doesn't). It took me a while to actually come up with a solid reason why our plan doesn't work, but today at Church, I figured it out. It's not's the public. That's right, Kaylani has a problem with public sleeping. It's not Kaylani's fault either though. It's the public.

Now, "the public" is a pretty broad term, but that's exactly how I mean it. After all, it could be anyone in "the public" that prevents Kaylani from sleeping. Or, if it's like today at Church, it could be everyone in the public. Kaylani was supposed to fall asleep in her carseat sometime within the drive to Church or the first 15 minutes. When she didn't, that meant that I had to take her out. Normally, rocking her in my arms would get the job done. But that doesn't work when you're up against "the public."

Today's public offenders were a woman in her mid-40's sitting in the row in front of us and off to the right, and a 40 year old man with 2 sons who was standing behind us. The woman wasn't that bad actually. She just stayed staring at Kaylani, which of course made Kaylani stare back and smile instead of sleep. It was the man behind us that caused Kaylani's public sleeping issues. He was making funny faces, staring, waving, everything at Kaylani which made her smile, squeal, and laugh. None of those things are synonomous with sleeping.

So Kaylani didn't take her morning nap until we left Church (at 12:15pm). She did get a good hour nap in during our car ride to IKEA and the beginning of our shopping trip. On the other hand, she didn't get an afternoon nap in because we were making a bit of noise putting together her playroom furniture (we're almost done with the furniture just have to buy the decorations). And now it's 8pm which means we pushed Kaylani way too late for having a late morning nap and no afternoon nap. I've also got to get some work work done and eat dinner too, so unfortunately no pictures tonight. Tomorrow though...promise!

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