Saturday, March 21, 2009

Daddy Day Trip

This morning, Daddy and Kaylani took a small little trip out by ourselves. Normally, I would just describe it as a quick trip to Wegman's to buy a few things, but this trip was more than that. It was our first real trip alone. Previous Daddy-Daughter trips consisted of a quick drive to Dunkin Donuts and back, or from the office to home when Mommy and Daddy ended up in separate cars. Today, we got out and did something "substantial" together.

Okay, so buying oatmeal cereal for Kaylani (we've given up on rice cereal...more to come on that in the future) at Wegman's may not seem substantial to anyone but me, but it was substantial on a few levels for us. For one, Daddy got to walk his little girl around for a bit in the grocery store, and field the comments about her by himself. He particularly liked the one where the cashier said Kaylani looks like Daddy, just giving more fuel for his debate with Mommy (and no, I don't care that she's never even seen Mommy so her opinion actually means nothing).

Also, the Daddy-Daughter trip allowed Mommy to do something that she doesn't do very often, and that's shower without having to entertain Kaylani. Typically during the week, Kaylani sits in her bouncy in the bathroom and Mommy plays peek-a-boo with her while she takes a very quick shower. And for anyone who knows Mommy, they know how much she likes long, hot showers. So the fact that Mommy got to take a nice shower and wash her hair without having to say "Where's Kaylani? There she is!" every 10-15 seconds meant quite a bit.

So I think Daddy-Daughter trips are going to be somewhat of a regular thing in the future on the weekends. Mommy will get some time to herself back, and Daddy will get to spend just a little bit of time alone with his little girl. I'd say that's a win-win for everyone involved. Hope Kaylani thinks the same...


Tommy said...

I miss Wegman's

JonnyTam13 said...

Move to NJ and you can come with me on Daddy-Daughter trips...but I'm the Daddy.