Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Today was Kaylani's first Saint Patrick's Day, and she did something that Daddy didn't do...wear green (Daddy didn't wear green for most of the day, but of course changed into green for photos as you can see). To be honest, I don't really know what today is all about, but we celebrated it anyways. I mean, I understand that we're celebrating Saint Patrick, but was Saint Patrick responsible for bringing us the color green, beer, and corned beef and cabbage? If not, then I really fail to see the connection.

It's things like this that I'm going to have to learn within the next 2 years. 2 years from now, as I've learned from my nieces and nephews, Kaylani will most likely be asking me questions like "why are we celebrating Saint Patrick's Day" or maybe just "why?" My job as a Dad is to know the answer, or to at least be able to make something up fairly believeable. Personally I think the fact that Saint Patrick brought us the color green, beer, and corned beef and cabbage is fairly believable, but I guess I should make them fairly appropriate too.

Luckily Kaylani is far removed from being able to ask those complex questions so Daddy didn't have to think of something believable and appropriate today, but we still did celebrate. Kaylani wore her cute little St. Patrick's Day outfit and bib that we bought her, Mommy and Daddy dressed in green for pictures on the green couch in the green room, and we even had homemade corned beef and cabbage that Mommy made for dinner (and by we, I don't mean Kaylani). Kaylani will get some corned beef and cabbage while she nurses, but for dinner, she had a much thicker rice cereal tonight (which she gobbled up with MUCH less mess).

Anyways, instead of looking up the true meaning of Saint Patrick's Day so I have an answer in 2 years, I uploaded pictures of her in her special outfit for today, as well as videos of Kaylani eating her watery cereal from yesterday and her first trip to the pool in PR to YouTube. So enjoy Kaylani's first "solid food" experience in all it's messiness!


Tommy said...

Gretchen and I think you are looking less fat... I mean more trim. Congratulations!

JonnyTam13 said...

Hey thanks! Brendalys and I were looking at your Italy pictures and decided you look less dumb... I mean more smart with your glasses. Congratulations!

Tommy said...